February 26 2011
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Top 6 (and 2 not so good) products spotted at CES 2011

Our trusty design duo, Jamie Buckley and Tristram Keech, were our eyes and ears at this years CES, taking away some great thoughts, inspiration and pictures. Now we know CES was a little while ago, but as our blog has only just been launched we had to wait a little while to publish these gems.

Polaroid is alive and singing

Following last year’s show we thought the final nails were in the coffin. How wrong we were. With a dose of creative direction from Lady Gaga, the stand looked revived with a new lease of life.There were three new products for the Grey label in collaboration with Gaga; including an instant  printer , a digital camera and camera sunglasses. Main image above is by Fast Company

Motorola  Atrix and Xoom

The show was awash with differing sized screens but what really caught our eye was the world’s most powerful  Smartphone . This can be docked into a dumb laptop for better viewing and data entry. There is also an auto sync dock for your television so you can watch downloaded programmes and movies whilst on the move. Simple and effective but can the phone deliver?

A new take on the configuration of a digital camera – Casio Tryx

We found insight and consumer sceneries driving the new Casio Tryx digital camera very interesting. Most camera brands were pushing the best UI and resolution/picture quality. Casio however had taken a slightly alternative approach and highlighted that if you can’t get a good picture in the first place then everything else is irrelevant. The solution from Casio is a camera that has multi position fixing, holding and hanging for all eventualities.

Fulton – Induction technology
Induction technology has been around for a number of years now and is progressing at a very slow pace in a number of markets mainly automotive and computing. What really stood out on the Fulton stand was its potential for commercial success within the FMCG/packaging market. When partnered with electro illuminating inks the visual impact is clearly illustrated

Content interface – Moovida

Digital content management is only going to become more complex and sophisticated as time passes by. So it’s great to see start-up companies offering multi devices with adaptable interfaces that support all media formats. They look engaging, work intuitively and are free to download. Get in!


Around every corner, PC and phone accessories were racked up tall. So it was refreshing to see a new brand doing something very different. House of Marley are experimenting with sustainable materials; woods, resins and industrial threads to bring an engaging narrative and a truly differentiated product range of headphones, ear buds, docks and speakers.

Gold Stars for the most useless product and worse brand this year goes to …

The  IPhone  bottle opener. Why?
Brand Skunk Juice. They sell ear phones for goodness sake.

Tristram will be following this post with a few more thoughts inspired by CES 2011

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