February 2 2011
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The things you find on the web

Today I was looking for  information  on trainers that have a pump in the tongue. I wasn’t sure what the pump did exactly so I turned to YouTube in the hope of finding a video demonstration.

“Nike” “air” “pump”. Search.

I clicked on the first link expecting to find a sneaker freak showing off his latest kicks. What I had stumbled upon was one of the things that make the internet, and in particular YouTube, such an exciting and often dumbfounding place to travel through.

Driving in Sneakers. Who knew that a whole online community centred on this one interest; videoing their trainers pumping the acceleration pedal in their car. The videos tend to be categorised by brand so you can have a happy time browsing “driving in Nikes”, “driving in Adidas” etc.

Here is a classic example.

Credit: NikeShoezFreak

Videos like these of course remind us of the power social media platforms, such as YouTube, has in connecting people online; creating a space for discussion and obsession around subjects that they really care about (and that others really don’t). I doubt the sportswear brands that developed these trainers ever thought that their shoes would be celebrated like this. These videos give us an insight into the many ways people are using products, ways that we would otherwise not imagine. Glimpses like these should help to inspire and tweak products to better fit into our lives. After seeing this video I was thinking “How would I better design a video camera for these guys?”

P.s. I didn’t find out more about the trainers though. Back to that again tomorrow.

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