May 27 2011
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The Design of Food

Food, our friend and foe has grown up a lot lately. Concerns with organic contents have meant for more considered purchasing decisions, in turn spurring a desire for a more decorative and sensorially stimulating food experience.

Featured image: The delightfully scientific display at Haworth, Clerkenwell Design Week, copyright PDD

So of course, when the trends team at PDD read about The Lunch Lab collaborative workshop as part as Clerkenwell Design Week we were intrigued. We would love to be able to speak to you more about dry ice, natural yoghurt and mango styled like a boiled egg and other gastronomical feats, but unfortunately a bit of a mix-up occurred and Rolan Dack our gastronomical leader couldn’t make it along.

However, in its place we were invited to take part in Caketecture at the Haworthinteriors store, being given free rein to test the boundaries of design through cake.

At first, we were untouchable, cocky almost, in thinking that we were to be the next Choccywoccydoodah or even at the same level as a Masterchef contestant. In reality, the  exercise  made us realise the true craftsmanship, hours of relentless decoration and creative vision that goes into the process of making delicate, tasty and visually stimulating food.

(Our very humble) Final Result copyright PDD

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