December 23 2011
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Sent from the Studio (23.12.11)

This will be our last ‘Sent from the Studio’ until the New Year, as the PDDers head off for some Christmas cheer and festive fun. But before you turn off your computer and make a b-line for the turkey and port why not  check  out the nerd-a-licious links below.

[Image  Credit : “Little Shining Man” by Heather and Ivan Morison]

From: Roger G.

Subject: Bio-assembling in 3D with magnetic levitation

From: Milly R.

Subject: Beautiful video of a kite made with 3d printing, of course.

From: Roger G.

Subject: Nerd alert! Uncover patterns in massive data sets.

From: Roger G.

Subject:  iPhone app works with docking monitors to visualise users’ health

From: Roger G.

Subject:  IBM’s next 5 in 5 – Five innovations that will change our lives in the next five years

From: James S.

Subject:  London’s futuristic new double-decker bus hits the streets

From: Roger G.

Subject: The Chinese solar machine

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