November 23 2012
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Sent from the Studio (23.11.12)

Today, we sadly say goodbye to our IT manager Dan. We wish him the very best in his new job and we will miss him! I hope everyone has a lovely weekend and enjoys this week’s links from the studio.

Image credit: LAautoshow

From: Milly R.
SubjectUK overtakes US as nation with strongest cultural influence

From: Julian S.
SubjectCommuni-Nation these scien-sational colours for 2013

From: James S.
SubjectThink New York Has a Small Carbon Footprint? Watch This

From: Julian S.
SubjectJudge Dredd meets Demolitionman: the future of cop vehicles

From: James S.
SubjectKickstarter sued over 3D printers

From: Billy B.
SubjectAmazing! Self-taught teen builds battery to power home.

From: James S.
Subject: How does McDonald’s really make those French fries?

From: Heather M.
Subject: A timeline of future events based on famous SciFi novels?

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