June 22 2012
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Sent from the Studio (22.06.12)

Well, it has to happen now and again – the ol’ Apple vs PC debate… oddly though, this week it has taken the form of t-shirts and duvet covers. So what side do you take?

From: Terry S.
 For all those people that think Apple is cool…
Response from:
 Rosie B-H.
 Don’t forget to snuggle up in your iPhone duvet wearing your Apple jammies

From: Andrew L.

Subject: Apple sucks…discuss

From: Milly R.

Subject: Trying to make medicine feel like a luxury

From: Naresh T.

Subject: Perfectly laser cut steak anyone?

From:  Roger G.

Subject: Fabric ink can change the design of a garment on demand

From: Julian S.

Subject: Science is beautiful

From: Milly R.

Subject: Interesting article on the cult of TED

From: Roger G.

Subject: Inflatable tent

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