May 20 2011
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Sent from the Studio (20.05.11)

Some great links for you this week, from the hysterical opening of the Apple store in London to fashionable accessories for insulin pumps, giving women more freedom in how they dress. Enjoy!

From: Susie Q.

Subject: Fashion forward insulin pump

From: Shun I.

Subject: ‘Info-bar’ Smartphone from Japan has a fully flexible and customisable UI

From: Ollie.

Subject: Really?!! Evangelical Apple store launch in London

From: Heather MQ.

Subject: Pew Foundation Survey on how US uses internet/social media for health info

From: Susie Q.

Subject: The tent that turns into concrete in less than 24 hours

From: Milly R.

Subject: What would you save? The Burning House Project

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