November 18 2011
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Sent from the Studio (18.11.11)

From revenue streams, global innovators, technology hubs to new competitors in the healthcare arena; there has been a lot interesting the curious minds of the studio this week…

[Image Credit: Copyright © The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea]

From: James S.

Subject:  The 8 types of revenue stream

From: Milly R.

Subject: Top global innovators announced

From: Christian H.

Subject: Controversial new campaign from Benetton

From: James S.

Subject: Broadband’s ‘rush-hour’ revealed

From: Heather MQ.

Subject:  Using a video-based language; translate your typed words into video clips

From: Mark H.

Subject: New material technology presents interesting packaging opportunities!

From: James S.

Subject: East London and Tech City: interactive map

From: Milly R.

Subject: New street design puts pedestriansfirst

From: Heather MQ.

Subject:  Walmart rumoured to expand into healthcare services

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