December 16 2011
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Sent from the studio (16.12.11)

t is the PDD Christmas party tonight. Perhaps you may have a sensible evening and take a gander at these links below, or you may be having your own festive gathering. In which case, have fun, be safe and see you on the other side…

[Image Credit: Santa’s carbon footprint infographic by Column Five Media]

From: Roger G.

Subject: The past and future of technology

From: James S.

Subject: In case you have ever wondered: ‘How Vinyl Records Are Made’

From: Pete S.

Subject: How did this get through design review?!

From: Rosie RH.

Subject: Great Christmas present for the men in your life

From: James S.

Subject: New social network for women – ‘girl time, all the time’

From: Polly S.

Subject: Digital vending machine that ‘senses’ user and displays personalised recommendations

Response from: Roger G.

Subject: Interesting NYtimes article on Face recognition technology

From: James S.

Subject: The New HP identity

From: Andrew L.

Subject: You’ve got to be kidding…

From: Roger G.

Subject: Qualcomm box sends health data right to the cloud

From: James S.

Subject: 2011 in Lego: the year’s news

From: Josh R.

Subject: Technology comes to the aid of the bleak financial future!

From: Georgina R.

Subject: Foodie Hospital: how design can help the dietary requirements of older people

From: Roger G.

Subject: World’s largest airplane for launching satellites

From: James S.

Subject: Google patents self-driving car

From: Roger G.

Subject: Device tracks blood flow in the brain

From: Ian P.

Subject: The app you have all been waiting for

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