September 16 2011
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Sent from the Studio (16.09.11)

Ollie M and Roger G seem to be having a competition of ‘Who can email the best link’ this week. I think Roger may have narrowly won with Levi’s Commuter Jeans, but let us know what you think. Here’s what caught their attention, as well a couple of others from fellow PDDers..

From: Ollie M.

Subject: Check this out at the V&A

From: Roger G.

Subject: iPad-enabled shopping carts designed for live sports

From: Ollie M.

Subject: Serious bbq’ing!

From: James S.

Subject: The Future of Retail

From: Ollie M.

Subject: Male creche service @ IKEA

From: Roger G.

Subject: Levi’s commuter jeans (Featured Image by

From: Susie Q.

Subject: Anti-UV pill coming in five years?

From: Jamie LK.

Subject: A little bit of Friday morning cheer…..

From: Ollie M.

Subject: Just for old time’s sake!

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