April 13 2012
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Sent from the Studio (13.04.12)

Beer makes you smarter… Printing your own chocolate… Karl Lagerfeld designs a helicopter… I think I need another bank holiday to recover from that lot. Enjoy this weeks links!

From: Heather MQ.
Subject: Augmented reality app shows you how to pour a pint like a pro

Response from:
 Roger G.
Subject: Alcohol sharpens the mind, research finds

From: James S.
 The Japanese arcade experience

From: Roger G.
Subject: Google glasses here and here

From: Polly S.
Subject: How designing for one-handed users might make things better for everyone

From: James S.
Subject: Chocolate printer to go on sale

From: Julian S.
Subject: Almost the perfect combination of everything good in the world

From: Susie Q.
Subject: Pimkie color forecast: real time colour trends from Europe’s fashion capitals

From: James S.
 Warning over medical implant hacks

From: Roger G.
Subject: Your Friday robot link

 James S.
Subject: A disappointing return from on investment for OLPC

From: Julian S.
 Karl Lagerfeld designing helicopters

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