November 7 2011
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Sent from the Studio (07.10.11)

Some great links were floating around the studio this week. We promise no more boat links next week. Enjoy!

From: Ollie M.
 Sorry…….one more boat!!! Featured image from

From: Rosie BH.
 Bad driving behaviour over and over again thanks to a mind-reading driving device by Nissan

From: Ollie M.
 Zaha Hadid award winning school

From: Milly R.
Subject: crazy materials, lighter than air?
Well this one  claims  to be… Seagel (great vid). And so does this one… Aerogel

From: Ollie M.
Subject: Jil Sander Mobile phone

Reponse From: David R.
Subject: Nothing will ever beat the $60,000 phone

Reponse From: Andrew L.
Subject: Except this

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