July 6 2012
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Sent from the studio (06.07.12)

So, apparently there is supposed to be a month’s worth of rain falling in one day in the UK today. For those of you who are unlucky enough to expect a dry and sunny day, do not fear – here is just the right website to help you feel our rainy mood.

From: Julian S.
Talking urinal cakes test alcohol level

From:  Milly R.

Subject:  Could this be the world’s thinnest display?

From:  Andrew L.

Subject:  For the Monacan that has everything

From:  Milly R.

Subject:  3D printed blood vessels using sugar!

From:  Julian S.

Subject:  Herb garden from space

From:  Roger G.
Google’s Nexus Q teases a future of smart, social hardware

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