July 1 2011
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Sent from the Studio (01.07.11)

Did you know there could be a cocoa shortage by 2020? Expect to see smaller bars and more sustainability branding in confectionary over the next few years, like Meji’s Agroforestory Chocolate in Japan. But here is something delicious you can enjoy right now… sent from the studio, with love…

Image above: Meiji Agroforestory Chocolate  by konbiniya

From: David E.

Subject: Solar powered 3D printer turns the desert into glass

From: James S.

Subject: Nokia’s SVP Of Design, On Solving The UI Problems In Today’s Smartphones

From: Ollie M.

Subject: Bold move from Tango: Foam blast drink for teens!

From: Rosie BB.

Subject: Luxury fashion: who’s buying what, where…

From: James S.

Subject: World’s first hover bike

From: Roger G.

Subject: Nice infographic visuals to explain Stuxnet

From: James S.

Subject: Tesco’s create the future of grocery shopping in Korea

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