April 1 2011
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Sent from the Studio (01.04.11)

Sir Richard Branson has announced that he has bought Pluto!  Check  out some of the other links that have been flying around the PDD studio this week. Happy April Fools’ day.

From: James S.

Subject: Debate – Is the London Underground Map a perfect design?

From: Milly R.

Subject: Proximity to escalator linked with prosocial behaviours!

From: Pete S.

Subject: First artificial retina to be approved for sale

From: James S.

Subject: Home-Energy Device Simple Enough for Your Grandma to Use

From: Heather MQ

Subject: Custom and youth-oriented fragrances tipped as future growth drivers in global fragrance market

From: Susie Q.

Subject:  Sir Richard Branson has announced that he has bought Pluto

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