May 11 2012
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Sent from the Studio (11.05.12)

Is that a glimpse of sun I see? How exciting (in a British kind of way).

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and prepare yourselves for a full 5 day week next week!

From: Julian S.

Subject: Apparently, ‘Designers are paid to be creative, not practical’

From: Rosie BH.

Subject: Samsung hoping to become big player in fast-fashion market with brand 8seconds

From: James S.
 Microsoft to go carbon neutral

From: Heather MQ.

Subject: Scientist beams up a real “Star Trek” tricorder

From:  Roger G.
Subject: World’s first nano-enhanced carbon fibre downhill bike rim

From: Milly R.
Subject: Food for thought

From: Heather MQ.

Subject: Intersection of the Physical and Digital Worlds

From:  Roger G.

Subject: Mobility for the disabled

Response from:  Tris K.
Subject: Check this out too

From: Polly S.

Subject: The future of home healthcare: searching for extreme usability

From: James S.

Subject: Google gets driverless licence

From: Milly R.

Subject: Frugal Innovation in India – BBC radio 4

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