PDD in context: London Design Festival 2013 highlights

“Drink some coffee and hammer up some drywall!” That’s what we did on the day before we opened up our pop-up space (three times bigger than last year!) to welcome visitors at the London Design Festival 2013.

Featured and above image credits: PDD

Highlight 1  – Eye-catching window: Curious already?

Image credit: PDD

I can’t forget about our first visitor early on Monday morning when we were setting up for Tuesday opening day; curious, he came up to the window seemingly exploring our question, ‘How does culture impact design?’

Highlight 2 – Interactive Map: Just click!

Image credit: PDD

Showcasing alternative ways to present and package design research, our designers and researcher at PDD created the Interactive Beauty Map.

Highlight 3 – Wall of culture: How do you think culture impacts design?

Image credit: PDD

A space for our visitors to share their thoughts on culture in design.

Highlight 4 – Graffiti and culture: A tour around the world!

Image credit: PDD

A whistle-stop tour around the globe, taking a look at how culture impacts graffiti and street art in different regions.

Highlight 5 – HCD taster workshop: Where ideas fizzle and pop!

Image credit: PDD

Technique sharing and idea generation in the HCD workshop.

Highlight 6 – Drinks reception: Coming together for design!

Image credit: PDD

Just in case you missed out on our PDD pop-up, you can sign up for Pulse or our Pulse Newsletters where you can find more in depth insights.

Please feel free to play and share our ‘PDD Highlights at London Design Festival 2013’ video below:PDD Highlights at London Design Festival 2013 from PDD on Vimeo.

PDD Highlights at London Design Festival 2013 from PDD on Vimeo.

PDD Highlights at London Design Festival 2013 from PDD on Vimeo.

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