December 19 2011
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PDD Director of Medical Alun Wilcox speaks up for the consumer at the Financial Times Global Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Conference

As the coalition government announces an alliance between the NHS and life sciences companies, it is important now more than ever to consider the end user. Our Director of Medical Alun Wilcox was invited to sit on the Consumer Healthcare panel at the  Financial  Times’ Global Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Conference last week.

Featured Image Copyright: Financial Times Source: Flickr

Earlier this month saw a wave of media focus on the coalition government’s newly announced ‘hand in glove’ approach to the on-going improvement of healthcare innovation. The government have announced their encouragement of the alliance between the NHS and life sciences companies to move along the progress of drug development. Because of Alun and PDD’s expertise in the pharmaceutical and device development field, he was invited to take part in the Financial Times’ Global Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Conference panel; throwing in his two cents  on how life sciences companies will have to adapt for consumers in the future.

Image of Alun Wilcox Copyright: Financial Times Source: Flickr

As Medical Director at PDD Alun works closely with pharmaceutical companies to help them develop product and service solutions that benefit not only patients, but also pharmacists, clinicians and healthcare providers too. Understanding a therapy journey and the role and needs of all the stakeholders enables an integrated approach to be taken to innovation which can add value to all parties..

Image Copyright: Financial Times Source: Flickr

The conference was very top-level, with the majority of delegates being CEO’s from large global companies. Alun was joined by a spectrum of multi-disciplinary panel members from ethos-opposing companies such as Pepsico and PatientsLikeMe with pharmaceutical companies realising the days of blockbuster drugs and big budgets are over the preceding day of the conference was spent exploring areas such as growth potential in emerging markets and diversification into newer product categories such as nutraceuticals.

For many at the conference the Consumer Healthcare portion of the agenda came just at the right time. After PM David Cameron’s surprise speech it was fitting for Alun to spend time talking about the patient focus, and how consumerism in pharmaceuticals will be largely dictated by patient trust. Some points that were thrown around were surrounding the need for pharmaceutical companies to be passionate about the end-user, whom they are ultimately selling to.

The conference was insightful for delegates and panel members alike, with each of the sessions being interesting and topical. The FT will be publishing a report of the event shortly.

To view video coverage of the conference click here.

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