February 14 2011
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Nice design and stuff

Every week I’ll be sharing some things that I think are interesting, beautiful, funny or just lovely, from the world of design, art and architecture. I will try not to make it too much of a personal wish list, but if you are wondering what to get me for Christmas…

So here’s a roundup of some nice design and stuff I have seen this week:

‘The Finnish Blood in Me’ by Sami Kallio (featured image)

The Finnish Blood in Me is a collection of  furniture  and lighting by Sami Kallio that nicely combines glossy metal, finished with raw wood. I particularly like these stacking stools. As the designer says “Nothing strange or conceptual, just memories and function.”

Multi Lines extension cable by Wonjune Song

Multi Lines extension cable by Wonjune Song of Connect Design spreads the electricity points along the length of the cable rather than collecting them all at the end. In theory this means the sockets are actually where you need them, giving you more freedom to put your electrical objects about your room.

Watch Diary by Wonjune Song

Ok, so this blog post is not all going to be about Connect Design, but before we move on,  check  out their Watch Diary; a lovely twist on a classic product.

Colour by Andreas Engesvik and Daniel Rybakken for Ligne Roset

‘m a real sucker for geometric shapes and layering of light and colour. Here is new lamp from Ligne Roset, by Andreas Engesvik and Daniel Rybakken that combines all these things together, lovely!

Karl Marx’s Das Kapital by Blotto Design

Blotto Design, based in Berlin, has created a set of four posters that prints entire books on one poster creating a rather beautiful symphony of word, type and space. Check them all out here:

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