December 22 2011
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Midcentury Modern: A different kind of furniture fair

The foggy morn of 20th November saw me scraping the ice from my windscreen and hobbling over to Dulwich College to take a look at design wonders of the past at the extensive Midcentury Modern show.

Featured image: Beautifully functional nestled coffee table. Image Credit: Deborah Carter for PDD

Dulwich College had been split into 4 sprawling areas to house stands by 85 design and antique dealers. The Lower Hall was the most impressive of the spaces; with larger  furniture  pieces being grouped together to create clusters of very stylishly arranged representations of rooms.

‘Midcentury’ is a term of ambiguity – for some it describes a period between the 1930’s and the mid-1960’s, or for others it spans across the 1950’s and 1970’s. From the amount of brown on show in the Lower Hall it was clear to see that theMidcentury Modern approach catered towards the latter definition, which suited my retro tastes just fine.

I walked around falling in love over and over again with a multitude of different furniture pieces, all of which were dreadfully beyond my Sunday-morning-casual-spending price range with prices being marked at £600 for an armchair, £300 for a coffee table, £1200 for a sofa.

A range of functioning clocks, adding a flavour of industry to the modern home space. Image Credit: Deborah Carter for PDD.

Conran and Day’s inspired cushions made from original  fabrics . Image Credit: Deborah Carter for PDD.

Finely fuzzy and inviting pink 1950’s arm chair. Image Credit: Deborah Carter for PDD.

Day-glo love birds amongst a range of granular imitation wood pieces of furniture. Image Credit: Deborah Carter for PDD.

Although the show was extensive, I did leave shamefully empty-handed, but feeling honoured and lucky to have walked amongst such a gigantic range of furniture classics, which are unfortunately becoming rarer and harder to come by.

For more information on any upcoming Midcentury Modern shows (including the next show in Dulwich on 18th March) take a look at their website here.

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