June 27 2012
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Material Trend: Wicker

For most, it is cited as the reason behind some of the most uncomfortable furniture ever invented, literally adding insult to injury by leaving criss-cross patterns on the back of your legs. But could wicker seriously be facing a revival?Most of you are probably thinking ‘I hope not’ and I have to admit, before departing on my journey through the wonderful world of wicker, I was with you. But there is something alluring about its natural appearance and it has been seen popping up in all walks of design over the past few months.

‘Modern wicker’ might seem like an oxymoron but there are a number of products around that are trying to right the wrongs of the past. By combining it with more interesting forms and current colour trends, designers have exciting new wicker-based ideas coming out their ears. Here’s a sample of some of our favourites.

Featured image: ‘Searching for Cassiopeia’ by Fabrica uses modern symmetric forms to create a modern wicker chair.

The frame of this seat by hiroomi tahara suggests tubular steel but the use of wicker gives it a softer, more comfortable feel.
Image credit: PDD

Giulia Cavazzani’s ‘Viminibidi’ uses wicker to create a flowing structure to transform your plastic garden chair (and hold your newspaper!)
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The Andes House show us a modern take on the traditional wicker light shade.
Image credit: PDD

The unique properties of wicker is used brilliantly by Llot Llov to create their distinctive floor lamp ‘Oyster’.
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Wicker is even having an effect on fashion as shown by Kate Spade’s ‘Delavan terrace delora’
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Mirit Weinstock’s use of gold covered wicker creates a unique necklace.
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And how about driving around in this wicker car by Kenneth Cobonpue?
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When done right, wicker can create attractive, modern looking products, encouraging organic forms and green thinking.

And if you don’t agree with any of the above because you’re still traumatised after having to sit on a wicker chair as the result of turning up late to a barbeque that one time, the woven characteristics actually make it a very strong, cheap, sustainable material. So don’t discount it just yet. Maybe it’s only now finding its true place in today’s eco-led design culture.

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