March 15 2013
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Links from the Studio (15.03.13)

We’ve certainly got an interesting and eclectic mix of folks here at PDD, and what does that result in? Well, an interesting and eclectic mix of links flying around the studio! Enjoy…

From: Steve Mc.
Subject: Interesting stuff! Honestly.

From: Mark H.
Subject: Lego paper aeroplane robot!

From: Ross P.
Subject: Reuben Margolin’s kinetic sculptures

From: Emanuele M.
Subject: A car tyre with no air inside… because there is no inside

From: Fabien S.
Subject: The Start-Up Trap, by Uncle Bob

From: Marie L.
Subject: Google’s talking shoe

From: Graeme D.
Subject: Space Shuttle Cockpit: don’t forget the switches on the ceiling…

#LFTS tweet us, @PDDinnovation, with your favourite links of the week!

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