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So it’s the end of the first month and we’re well into February of 2014, the calorific pig out and family spools of the Christmas break is all but a distant memory. With the promises of frequent exercise, healthy eating, lifestyle changes and personality complexes all too ambivalently pursued (and failed), here at PDD we’ve sourced a more realistic and rewarding change that you can easily incorporate into the year ahead.

Some of the easiest challenges that we can accomplish are the ones we do for others, rather than for ourselves. This link shared around the PDD London Studio, shows how you can help address one of the world’s most wasteful habits! In 10 ways to make your New Year’s resolution a life with less plastic, expert advice is given to help you reduce your ‘plastic footprint’ – that is, how much unnecessary plastic you waste through everyday activities. By incorporating small changes to mitigate the amount of waste you produce, you’ll be able to help the environment and yourself simultaneously with less waste and more of your pay check to keep.

For you Instagrammers out there Tip 8 will be a winner, the #Litterati Movement has got many followers capturing shots of everyday litter and presenting it in a glamorised fashion. Who knows, maybe once you’ve taken a snap you’ll be more inclined to pick it up?

Good luck and here are a few more links that flew around the studio last month!

From: Graham L.
Subject: 100 years of fashion in 100 seconds.

From: Sarita W.
Subject: Li Hongbo – amazing paper.

From: Janet Y.
Subject: An evolutionary theory for why you love glossy things.

From: Vish C.
Subject: Virtual Reality lets users swap gender…

From: Alex H.
Subject: Tweeting sharks.

From: Vish C.
Subject: Guardian celebrates 100 years of passenger travel…

From: Marie Lu V.
Subject: Rethink the airline boarding pass.

From: James S.
Subject: A cooking pan that charges your iPhone.

From: Robbie W.
Subject: Cyclists are considered more intelligent, cooler and desirable.

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