May 19 2014
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Links from the studio – Beauty placebo

Last month PDD staff contributed a wealth of links, all of them interesting and definitely worth a glimpse; look out for a novel form of sand casting and the Bradley Timepiece. However, one link stands out for me and that’s the new Dove campaign. In the tough market of beauty, they’ve done something risky that I think is genius; they’ve shown women that ‘beauty’ may just be a state of mind.

You may think this is ironic considering Dove sells beauty products, and yes, they’ve taken a lot of flak for it, but I think it’s fantastic. You may hear lines such as ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ and ‘beauty comes from within’ which is all well and good, but those are just sayings, right?

Wrong. Dove gave women an ‘RB-X’ beauty patch to wear and boy are the results empowering, see the advert here. It’s nice to be reminded that beauty is a feeling, not just a face & figure.

Enjoy reading the other inspiring links sent around our studios.

From: Susie Q.
Subject: The CNN 10: Healing the Future.

From: Alex H.
Subject: New USB cable – you can’t put it in the wrong way round!

From: Sarita W.
Subject: The Bradley Timepiece, a watch designed for blind people but bought by sighted people.

From: Amy R.
Subject: How to keep you amused…

From: Maeve K.
Subject: An interesting article questioning why people would buy Google Glass.

From: Susie Q.
Subject: Vending machines becoming just as important as the products inside them.

From: Robbie W.
Subject: Land Rover’s new concept can make a car transparent.

From: Vish C.
Subject: Luxury brands meet your Saturday grocery list.

From: Susie Q.
Subject: It’s insanely easy to hack hospital equipment.

From: Robbie W.
Subject: Expanding miniature sponges seal bullet wounds.

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