September 20 2013
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Links from the Studio 20.09.13

If you haven’t done so already come and visit us at our pop-up space for LDF13 at The Gallery, 50 Redchurch Street, E2 7DP. The sun will be shining and just in case it does rain the exhibition is indoors… so no excuses :). Have a great evening reading some of the links that have been flying around the studio this week and I hope to see you this weekend.

From: Rob T.
Subject: Peripheral Vision is Whacked

From: Sarita W.
Subject: Vodka Bottle Analysis…

From: Sarita W.
Subject: Why Lego Design Principles Don’t Work On Smartphones…

From: Simon L.
Subject: Cycle or Public Transport?

From: Simon L.
Subject: Time in Perspective

From: Emanuele M.
Subject: Tower of Pisa interior mapped in 3D

From: Susie Q.
Subject: Workaholics May Face Poor Physical And Mental Well-Being, Study Suggests

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