December 17 2014
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James Bond’s Christmas wish list

He’s smart, charismatic, smooth and notably the recent Daniel Craig version of Bond; broody – my favourite of all. This is a secret agent who has been gifted the best innovative gadgets from MI6 Quartermaster ‘Q’; false fingerprints, invisible cloak for his car, broom radio and Bell Textron Jet Pack to name a few. However, if you had to gift Bond a Christmas gadget, what would it be?

Here are my top 5 gadgets from me ‘Susie Q’ to Bond.

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1. Robotic cocktail maker programmed to be ‘shaken not stirred’. Instant service and Bond will never have another bad Martini in his life. It’s also more difficult for a ‘baddy’ to spike his drink.
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2. Mind control device. A novel way to call on his trusty Aston Martin when he’s in a tricky situation perhaps, or fly a drone over the top of a secret lair!
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3. 3D printer. If Bond ever needs a vital key, MI6 could download the technical instructions to his printer, which would then instantly print the key right in front of him.
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4. e-Cigarette. Bond is a heavy smoker and although he has attempted to cut back on several occasions he’s never succeeded. A nicotine inhaler could help him on his way to become a heathier ‘Double O’ secret agent.
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5. A personal drone. Instead of Bond risking his life by strapping himself into a Bell Textron Jet Pack, a drone synced to his mind control device, which is operated from the ground, would be a smarter and safer option.
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So what would you gift 007? I look forward to the release of the next Bond film and fingers crossed the products mentioned above may feature.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!

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