May 15 2015
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Extract: Transport Edition

Welcome to Extract, a series that explores different sectors and asks ‘what will they look like in the future? In this edition, we focus on Transport, where globalisation, urbanisation and demographics steer the way we’re going to be living our lives in the future. As megacities, populations and markets grow and change there has never before been such a strong consumer desire to travel. Holidays are the number one global luxury, with 75 million people taking globally outbound flights across the world in 2011.

So while transport infrastructures are built, grown and retrofitted, this edition of Extract aims to present a flavour of future travel experiences by looking at them from different points of departure.

We describe how new and innovative transport solutions in emerging markets have the potential to nimbly advance ahead of those in more developed nations. We examine how, despite global economic troubles, we are jetting off more than we ever have before.

We have taken a look at the future and have created a snapshot of 2030, a time when we will have finally got over our break-up with our beloved cars and will be able to maintain seamless contact with the important individuals in our lives.

Technology never ceases to amaze us especially when it meets real needs, so we have highlighted some of the most thought-provoking and exciting key developments. And finally, as we’re aware of the fast-paced nature of transport design we’ve picked our key Colour Material and Finish (CMF) trends in lighting that we think will translate well from contemporary interiors, fashion and design to enhance transport and the urban environment.

We hope you have a good trip.

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